DiscoverSavage LovecastSavage Lovecast Episode 909
Savage Lovecast Episode 909

Savage Lovecast Episode 909

Update: 2024-03-26


So, is he gay? The evidence: He likes sucking wieners, anal play, and he has a sex machine that he uses on his butt. Also, he is showing less and less interest in having sex with the caller, and when she asks him about it he responds "Is sex all you care about?" 

An anxious cougar is suspicious of the young men who hit on her. Why would they want to be with someone twice their age? She knows she should count her blessings, and her friends all roll their eyes at her discomfort. How can she get out of her head about this and enjoy the youthful dick already? 

Our guest this week is Rhaina Cohen, author of "The Other Significant Others: Reimagining Life with Friendship at the Center." She and Dan talk about the state of friendship in our culture, how friendship takes a backseat to romantic love, and how we put way too much pressure on our partners to be our everything. A little is on the Micro and all of it is on the Magnum. 

"Good girl." That's what he tells her when they're doing a scene. But it's also what she says to her dogs! It takes her right out of the moment. Any other verbiage they could use? 

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Savage Lovecast Episode 909

Savage Lovecast Episode 909

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