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Savage Lovecast Episode 917

Savage Lovecast Episode 917

Update: 2024-05-211


A lesbian has befriended a married lesbian couple. She thinks they're both hot, and in various light-hearted conversations, they said they were open to group sex. But were they serious? Should the caller proposition them? 

When a woman was 17, she connected with a 24 year-old man, and began a fraught relationship full of sex, drama and sneaking around. She eventually cut things off, convinced that the age difference made it exploitative. He still tries to contact her now and again. How bad was this, and how can she get him out of her head? 

This weeks guest is comedian Rachel Feinstein. Her upcoming Netflix comedy special "Big Guy" is not to be missed. Now, let's talk about tea bagging. Sure, you know what it means. But who is the "tea-bagger?" The one with the mouth, or the one with the balls? Unsurprisingly, this conversation raises more questions than it answers. 

These two get super-real with each other, spelling out the stories of their first sexual encounters. Dan's first-time story has a detail that even shocked'll just have to listen. The first 8 minutes are on the Micro, and the whole raucous thing is on the Magnum. 

Finally, we all deal with grief in different ways. This poor man lost a dear friend, and consoles himself with frequent masturbation. Is this healthy? Is it ok? 

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Savage Lovecast Episode 917

Savage Lovecast Episode 917

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