DiscoverThe Daily BeansSawdust (feat. Alex Mohajer)
Sawdust (feat. Alex Mohajer)

Sawdust (feat. Alex Mohajer)

Update: 2024-02-212


Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Today, Nikki Haley did NOT drop out of the presidential race; Hunter Biden’s prosecutor tries to pass off a photo of sawdust as cocaine; a winery host backs up Fani Willis’ testimony; Rep. Tim Burchett wrongly calls one of the Kansas City shooters an illegal immigrant; a judge demands Rudy Giuliani reveal who’s paying his legal fees; President Biden will announce a major Russian sanctions package in response to the assassination of Alexei Navalny; two men are charged with murder in the Super Bowl parade shooting. Plus, Allison and Dana deliver your good news.

Our Guest
Alex Mohajer - Candidate for CA State Senate District 37

DA Fani Willis testified she paid cash during trips with top prosecutor. One winery host remembers her paying in paper bills

Bankrupt Giuliani’s legal woes escalate as judge demands to know 'who’s paying his legal fees'

GOP Rep Deletes Post Falsely Accusing ‘Illegal Alien’ of Parade Shooting

US to impose 'major sanctions' on Russia over Navalny death

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Sawdust (feat. Alex Mohajer)

Sawdust (feat. Alex Mohajer)

Allison Gill, Dana Goldberg, Alex Mohajer