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See for Yourself (Urban Legends, Ghost Tours, & Legend Tripping)

See for Yourself (Urban Legends, Ghost Tours, & Legend Tripping)

Update: 2023-03-132


See for Yourself

Perry picks up Mason from his house at 4:00 am (yes... four in the freaking morning) for a road trip out to the gravesite of Elijah Bond - inventor of the Ouija Board. On the way, they encounter quite a few remarkable folks with stories to tell...

Content Warnings:

Because of dynamically inserted ads, timestamps would be inaccurate. Here's how to avoid potentially triggering content:

  • Suffocation: in the Hoosac Tunnel story, when you hear us talk about the "Central Shaft", skip ahead ~4 minutes.

  • Racially motivated violence: When you hear the phrase "Mini Lights", skip ahead ~3 minutes.

In this episode:

  • An opening retelling of the classic "Hook Hand Man" urban legend.

  • A short retelling of the history of the Hoosac Tunnel, and how Mason paid it a visit.

  • What it means to get to the origin of local legends, and exploration of how they change over time and the purposes they serve.

  • A discussion with a professional ghost tour guide.

  • Discussion around the importance of studying urban legends, and a retelling of the Bunny Man legend.


Featuring voice acting from:

  • GennaRose Nethercott told our opening story of the Hook Hand Man. GennaRose is a an author, poet, folklorist, and an associate producer and researcher for the highly acclaimed Lore podcast.

  • Eric Gray was the voice of AM radio host Bart Chime. Eric creates the podcast "Dumb People with Terrible Ideas" which is a hilarious, pun-filled teardown of hubris - all delivered in his iconic voice. Mason's personal favorite episode is this one about FM radio.

  • Ruben Basalto was the "Moon Man Dad Caller" at the beginning of the AM radio show. Ruben is a voice actor who you can hire for your next project!

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Comments (2)

Jennifer Browne

Another fact about the devils chair is that you're supposed to leave a beer as an offering. It's said that at midnight, the devil comes and drinks the beers, and the next day, the beer can/bottle will be sitting there empty. I will say that the rumors are true that they are normally empty the next day. Cassidaga is right on way back from the beach for a lot of people in Central Florida, and what's better to end a day at the beach with then a free beer? Sometimes, I wonder if the folk tale was created by someone in the area who wanted some beer but was broke. Whoever created this story, I have to thank them for all the free beer I've drank on Cassidaga!

May 11th
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See for Yourself (Urban Legends, Ghost Tours, & Legend Tripping)

See for Yourself (Urban Legends, Ghost Tours, & Legend Tripping)

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