DiscoverTherapy for Black GirlsSession 346: Dating As A Transgender Woman
Session 346: Dating As A Transgender Woman

Session 346: Dating As A Transgender Woman

Update: 2024-02-14


We all deserve to find and have love, but this process can look and feel a little different when you’re navigating the dating scene as a transgender woman. To explore all of the nuances that come with dating as a transgender person, I’m joined by award-winning journalist Daric L. Cottingham. Daric is a proud Southern Black trans woman based in Los Angeles, whose career portfolio includes the LA Times, Harper's Bazaar, ESSENCE, and The Washington Post.

 During our conversation, Daric and I discussed some of her experiences navigating dating as a trans woman, including discerning between genuine interest and fetishization, deciding which dating app is right for you, and choosing how to maintain safety when disclosing your identity to a new partner.

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Session 346: Dating As A Transgender Woman

Session 346: Dating As A Transgender Woman

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