DiscoverThe Liz Moody PodcastShould We All Be In Open Relationships?
Should We All Be In Open Relationships?

Should We All Be In Open Relationships?

Update: 2024-06-12


Author Molly Roden Winter discusses the pros and cons of open marriages, how opening her marriage impacted her relationships with her husband and children, and how many more people may be exploring non-monogamy than you think.

  • Why non-monogamy is WAY more prevalent than you might think 

  • Molly’s husband’s reaction to her wanting to explore an open marriage

  • How they combat jealousy 

  • The surprising positive impacts opening Molly’s marriage had on her life and relationship

  • The cons of open marriages

  • Exactly who SHOULDN’T be in an open marriage

  • How to discuss open marriages with children

  • And so much more

For more from Molly, you can find her on Instagram @mollyrwinter or her website, Her debut book More: A Memoir of Open Marriage is available where books are sold.

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Should We All Be In Open Relationships?

Should We All Be In Open Relationships?

Liz Moody