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Show 60 - The Celtic Holocaust

Show 60 - The Celtic Holocaust

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Julius Caesar is our travel guide as he takes us through his murderous subjugation of the native Celtic tribal peoples of ancient Gaul. It sounds vaguely like other, recent European colonial conquests...until the natives nearly win.
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گردونه Gardooneh

11:11 this sent shivers down my spine. In Iran where I am originally from women cannot sing, do not have the right to independently file for divorce and have it granted to them, they can be denied the custody of their children, and they are not given the freedom of choice for what they wear. This must be, this IS, how it feels to have your culture destroyed and your freedom snatched from your clenched fists.

Jan 21st


Dan on the off chance you actually read this, please do more on ancient warfare and campaigns like this. This was very well done. I come back to listen to it every 6 months or so because there’s so much information in here, and yet the way you discuss it makes it very enjoyable to listen to.

Dec 18th

Denise Nichols

why are there so many repeated comments?

Jan 12th

Levi Martin

Heroically Nude😂

Dec 11th
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Morgan Malice

I've heard it said that g*psy is a racial slur, and the people in this group prefer to be referred to as the Romani. ;) you're a great story teller. Also, I think you shouldn't say "the disease did most od the work", while that's true it sort of justifies what happened like a great accident. The genocide of many native american communities was very intentional and systemic and I think its important to say that alot.

Oct 25th
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Dan Fix

Love it but the end doesn’t make much sense. What language are they speaking in Italy? Italian, which is derived from Vulgar Latin and forms the basis of all Romance languages. Celtic languages are a curiosity at best, spoken by a handful of people. Not dead but certainly moribund.

Jul 28th

Scott Clabough

Vae victus

Jul 25th
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Mike D

I'd like to be retired so I could just listen to this ear-crack all day. thanks Dan!

Jun 19th
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Julie McLaughlin

it's frustrating to hear him keep referring to " the disease" that killed native Americans. it was biological warfare straight up, call it what it was.

May 4th
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Alex Island

I wish you had some funny reenactments during the podcast to make it a little more entertaining

May 2nd
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Joe Kelly

What the Brits done to the Irish..... forced stop speaking their native language their native games and took all their land!!

Feb 20th
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Kim McKee


Dec 14th

Brian Dahlen


Nov 10th

A Guy

of course, if anyone ever took rome, the Romans themselves would have been genocides. Since the Romans had their civilization come so close to total annihilation early in their history, they became so militarized. That's why the Roman republic always fought total war.

Oct 31st

shaun th

what a story teller..ive never listened to such a good podcast broadcaster

Aug 22nd

John Grundstrom


Jul 14th

Patrishe Sanders

do more

Mar 30th

Edgar g


Mar 11th

Patrick McIntosh

wow that ending gave me the chills...epic

Mar 10th

Aaron Goodrich

love HH. Carlin's JRE episodes are great as well.

Jan 25th
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Show 60 - The Celtic Holocaust

Show 60 - The Celtic Holocaust