DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademySpecial Guest: SFC Brandon Lloyd - Beneath the Scars
Special Guest: SFC Brandon Lloyd - Beneath the Scars

Special Guest: SFC Brandon Lloyd - Beneath the Scars

Update: 2021-11-01



In this episode of the Tragedy Academy, we meet SFC Brandon Lloyd (Ret). Brandon is a multi-deployment combat veteran who has gained the willpower to overcome his PTSD that developed from the battlefield and childhood trauma. Brandon's story is one of courage and mental fortitude. He is a shining example that persistence, acceptance, and introspection are vital to conquering whatever life throws at you.

Key Topics Discussed:

🤕 Trauma shaming

📚 Learning and paying it forward

💡 Pivotal moments

😓 Suffering through trauma

🥺 Learning being poor

💪 The will to continue on

✊🏼 Breaking the cycle


[00:06:00Brandon has a moment of introspection when he lands in special forces physician assistant with life-threatening wounds and six upcoming surgeries. He notes that although he has a high threshold for pain, it is still unbearable. Yet, he insists on letting other soldiers get treated before him. At that moment, the doctor makes it clear to him that their injuries will not downplay your injuries.

[00:13:11 ] Brandon wants to take his life lessons and pay it forward. He knows that all of life's answers lie in the struggles, and you either win at life or learn from life. The goal for his book is to be something anyone can relate to, not just a war memoir.

[00:22:11 ] Jay shares a pivotal moment of introspection. His friend was missing a front tooth, and Jay immediately judged his appearance. Years down the line, he recognizes that the judgment came from a societal perception and implicit bias.  

[00:27:03 ] Brandon shares a tragedy from when he was seven years old. His youngest sister was sitting next to him in an old van and their father on the driver's side. Suddenly, a car pulled out and t-boned them, causing his sister to fly out of the window. Brandon recalls seeing her lifeless body on the street, which traumatized him for decades. Shortly after, his father abandons the family, adding salt to the wound.

[00:31:55 ] Brandon remembers lying to his classmates in middle school; he pretended to live in a fantasy where his father was wealthy, and they lived a perfect life. He would also bury himself in books to escape his reality of poverty and bullying. Brandon recalls never defending himself until his younger brother joined the same school. He learned right there that he did not value himself but found it easy to protect the ones he loved.

[00:40:40 ] Brandon shares that he would still work hard and become someone despite his dad leaving. He earned a full ride to college as a football player, but he hated every moment of it. Nonetheless, he valued the free education he was getting and the pride that came with being a skilled athlete.  

[00:46:00Brandon recognizes that he wants to be happy with who he is at the end of the day. People wear masks to hide who they are, but there is no shame in being a work in progress.

[00:52:12 ] Jay and Brandon agree that breaking the cycle of adversity takes bravery and courage. Being a victim is easy; it's getting up, facing the day, and pushing through what makes life so difficult. Yet, that is what's required to leave a legacy and lead by example.

[00:56:27 ] Brandon spent ten days in the hospital for his struggles with PTSD. In that time, he went around helping many patients, to the point where he was offered a job upon release. He did nothing for himself; he got so good at fooling everyone else that he fooled himself in the process.

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Special Guest: SFC Brandon Lloyd - Beneath the Scars

Special Guest: SFC Brandon Lloyd - Beneath the Scars

Special Guest: SFC Brandon Lloyd