DiscoverEverything Everywhere DailyStealing the Mona Lisa (Encore)
Stealing the Mona Lisa (Encore)

Stealing the Mona Lisa (Encore)

Update: 2023-05-182


The Mona Lisa is unquestionably the most famous painting in the world. Heck, it is probably the most famous work of art in the world. 

Yet the reason why it is so famous is due to an event which happened on the 21st of August 1911. It was wasn’t for the events of that day, the Mona Lisa would probably just be another painting hanging on the walls of the Louver. 

Find out what happened to make the Mona Lisa so famous in this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily.


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Stealing the Mona Lisa (Encore)

Stealing the Mona Lisa (Encore)

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