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Stress Response - Health FAQs with Dr Gates

Stress Response - Health FAQs with Dr Gates

Update: 2023-05-12


"...for those of you who have not tuned in to us we run essentially a chronic pain practice board Gates is board certified functional neurologist I'm a board-certified functional medicine practitioner we melded those two disciplines into a model of care to address a substantial portion of chronic conditions chronic Jesus and and although we cure few we're able to help most get under some some control quite considerable control and be able to manage their case and the properly selected and the properly cite the patient the reason we cure for you is because pretty much everybody walks in here ends up having an autoimmune problem and they also usually walk in here under a chronic stress with a chronic stress response usually we caught a sympathetic dominance or fight-flight system is engaged and it doesn't tend to let go these things can lead to anxiety Sia T panic attacks depression things of that nature and I lead off with that to say one of my one of my one of my points with people when they come in and I address this with them is my observation based on watching what happens with the brain rehab exercises that we do in certain other types of supplementation is that these are not necessarily personality disorders their poor frontal lobe this sort of and there's a lot of things that add to causing your frontal lobe to not work properly poor poor lack of blood supply to your Bruno lobe from anemias be your frontal lobe needs oxygen inflammation which are probably going to talk about a little bit blood sugar stress hormones and and so but lately we've been seeing last couple of years maybe we've been even seeing little kids come in we're stressed out of their minds and like two or three years old and say what's going on with that and then other people who've had just this kind of stress responses that seemed to be like even a little bit over a top for what we see and and dr. Gates is going to share with you some of the things that he's come across in that in the literature that we've been implementing and what are our Protocols are and kind of giving you the understanding that I know stress hormones now can cross the placenta from the stressed mother into the young person but there's even more to it than that our genetic components that need to be considered if they're there and that oftentimes respond well to the types of things that can be done wow without drugs frankly so yeah we treat a lot of patients with fibromyalgia in our clinic at least we have and that's actually started off with yeah that's kind of how we got into depression because a lot of patients were coming in with their fibromyalgia and they didn't want to take medications for the depression so they said well can you handle what could you do so that started us on this quest in this journey of..."

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Stress Response - Health FAQs with Dr Gates

Stress Response - Health FAQs with Dr Gates