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TBG Library: Dyscalculia

TBG Library: Dyscalculia

Update: 2023-08-25


We’re back this week to provide you with another page-turning addition to your bookshelf. Grab your reading glasses, find somewhere cozy, and get into this week’s TBG library pick, Dyscalculia by Camoghne Felix. In Dyscalculia, Camoghne recalls various heartbreaks experienced throughout her life and connects them to her childhood experience with dyscalculia, a disorder that makes it difficult to learn math, using it as a metaphor for the consequences of her miscalculations in love. 

Camoghne joins us today to discuss the process of writing a vulnerable memoir, what lessons about heartbreak the book has to offer, and her hopes to start an intergenerational conversation around mental illness and Black women. Please note that our conversation does include references to self harm so please support yourself in whatever way is best while listening.


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TBG Library: Dyscalculia

TBG Library: Dyscalculia

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