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TBG University: Black Women In Art

TBG University: Black Women In Art

Update: 2023-10-24


Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into the inaugural class of Therapy for Black Girls University. Whether you’re packing for a new year on campus, thinking through your gap year, enrolling in a community college, or grabbing your stoles for graduation, TBG U is here to help you thrive at this stage of your life and beyond.

If you’re an art major, the question of, “what are you gonna do with your degree?” is likely all too familiar. You also may have experienced feelings of uncertainty and doubt, wondering if you truly can make a living in the art space. Though none of us can predict the future, it can be empowering to see images of Black women who are already succeeding in the arts.

An example of that is today’s guest, Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins. Kaci is a Dallas-based visual storyteller and founder of Black Girls in Art Spaces. Black Girls In Art Spaces was launched in July of 2022 with the mission of holding a digital and IN REAL LIFE space for Black women to nurture their creativity, as well as champion Black artistry and Black stories. She’s been blessed to work alongside brands like Beats by Dre, Adobe, Nike, Apple, and more. 

In our conversation today, we explore the obstacles faced by Black women in the art industry, the importance of having a strong network, and how simply being yourself can be the first step in securing your dream art job.

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TBG University: Black Women In Art

TBG University: Black Women In Art

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