Talking with T-Bird: Jenna Morasca

Talking with T-Bird: Jenna Morasca

Update: 2023-01-24


Talking with T-Bird: Jenna Morasca 

The time has come for the return of “Talking with T-Bird.” Each episode, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Survivor: Africa‘s Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper (@tbirdcooper) will catch up with a former Survivor player and talk about anything and take listener questions. In the fifty-sixth episode of “Talking with T-Bird,” Rob and T-Bird’s welcome the winner of Survivor: The Amazon, Jenna Morasca! 

Two-time Survivor player Jenna Morasca started her Survivor journey in The Amazon, the show’s 6th season. Starting on the Jaburu tribe, made up of only women, Jenna began to make relationships with some of the younger women like Christy, Deena and her strongest ally, Heidi. Her alliance kept her safe through the first few rounds of the game, until a curveball tribe swap mixed up the men and women and Jenna was forced to find new allies. She aligned with Matthew von Ertfelda, who would eventually become the runner-up to her Sole Survivor, and a man you may have heard of before: Rob Cesternino. Post-merge, their alliance worked well until Rob betrayed the group, infuriating Jenna and causing her to create a final two deal with Matt. Three individual immunity wins, including the Final Immunity Challenge, gave Jenna the edge she needed to make it to the Finals, where she beat Matt in a 6 to 1 vote to become Sole Survivor.

Jenna returned for the 8th season, Survivor: All-Stars but left early in the game due to her mother’s failing health.

You can check out Jenna’s statistics on the Survivor Wiki from their Survivor career here: Jenna Morasca’s Survivor Wiki Profile

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Talking with T-Bird: Jenna Morasca

Talking with T-Bird: Jenna Morasca

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