DiscoverTeachers Off DutyTeacher Overstimulation is REAL!
Teacher Overstimulation is REAL!

Teacher Overstimulation is REAL!

Update: 2024-04-21


Exploding urinal duckies and tornado drills: just another school day.

Put away your Sunday scaries, it's time for Teachers Off Duty!! Join our hosts, KC Mack, The Angry Gym Teacher: Tom Filline, and HonestTeacherVibes herself: Bri Richardson. (Crowd goes wild!!)

Teaching can be loud and chaotic, just the volume in the hallway is enough to make any teacher want to scream. But the louder the teachers scream, the louder the kids will be. It's a never-ending cycle of noise.

🍎 Featured Stories:
Ring, Alexa, and a Rolex? Imagine teaching a reading group when the classroom phone rings, Alexa mistakenly orders a luxury watch…. "Thank goodness for cancellations! Teacher salaries don’t allow for this!"

Tornado Terrors: Picture this—100 kids and 5 teachers squeezed into a bathroom during a real tornado warning. "Hot, sweaty, chaotic, loud, panic inducing, awful!" Nothing could prepare a teacher for this.

Lizard Chase Mayhem: Half the class thrilled, half terrified, and a tail left wiggling on the floor. "We accidentally chopped off part of its tail and it was wiggling, which caused more chaos!" Say what!?

Milk Shootout: The day two boys discovered they could shoot milk out of their noses. Note it for the record, my guy.

Daily Overload: "I am trying to deliver a lesson, answer the phone, write a bathroom pass, get someone a pencil, check email, answer a question, solve a technology problem and hear an announcement at the SAME TIME all day every day...I am TIRED" We feel you bestie…

Here's a hack for you bestie....
2:45 - Detonating Rubber Duckies 
7:30 - Teacher Car Confessions 
12:20 - Pineapple Outfit Pandemonium
17:50 - Michael Jackson Dance-off
23:35 - Preschool Circle Survival
28:10 - Mayhem Management Secrets

👉 Tune in to laugh, and perhaps shed a tear with us on this episode!

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Teacher Overstimulation is REAL!

Teacher Overstimulation is REAL!

Bored Teachers