The AI Dilemma

The AI Dilemma

Update: 2023-03-2410


You may have heard about the arrival of GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest large language model (LLM) release. GPT-4 surpasses its predecessor in terms of reliability, creativity, and ability to process intricate instructions. It can handle more nuanced prompts compared to previous releases, and is multimodal, meaning it was trained on both images and text. We don’t yet understand its capabilities - yet it has already been deployed to the public.

At Center for Humane Technology, we want to close the gap between what the world hears publicly about AI from splashy CEO presentations and what the people who are closest to the risks and harms inside AI labs are telling us. We translated their concerns into a cohesive story and presented the resulting slides to heads of institutions and major media organizations in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. The talk you're about to hear is the culmination of that work, which is ongoing.

AI may help us achieve major advances like curing cancer or addressing climate change. But the point we're making is: if our dystopia is bad enough, it won't matter how good the utopia we want to create. We only get one shot, and we need to move at the speed of getting it right.


AI ‘race to recklessness’ could have dire consequences, tech experts warn in new interview

Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin sit down with Lester Holt to discuss the dangers of developing AI without regulation

The Day After (1983)

This made-for-television movie explored the effects of a devastating nuclear holocaust on small-town residents of Kansas

The Day After discussion panel

Moderated by journalist Ted Koppel, a panel of present and former US officials, scientists and writers discussed nuclear weapons policies live on television after the film aired

Zia Cora - Submarines 

“Submarines” is a collaboration between musician Zia Cora (Alice Liu) and Aza Raskin. The music video was created by Aza in less than 48 hours using AI technology and published in early 2022


Synthetic humanity: AI & What’s At Stake

A Conversation with Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen

Two Million Years in Two Hours: A Conversation with Yuval Noah Harari

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The AI Dilemma

The AI Dilemma

Tristan Harris, Aza Raskin