The Abuse

The Abuse

Update: 2023-09-271


You want to talk about being real? This episode is as real as it gets. Melissa had to go to the doctor for some back issues that have been going on for 4 years and realizes what caused it…when she was badly physically abused in a prior relationship. It’s not easy talking about things like this but that’s why we are here, for you, whether it’s great things to share or if you’re going through a hard time and our experiences and what we talk about can help you through it. We do this for you and if hearing about our hardships and overcoming them, can help you to overcome yours, then we view this episode as a big win! And speaking of winning…did you get your tickets for our first ever live podcast show going down October 5! This episode is just a taste of what you’re going to get at our live show plus so much more! So get your tickets now before they’re gone! The link is below! And thank you as always for listening every week, for all your love and all of your incredible support. We love love love you!

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The Abuse

The Abuse

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