DiscoverOngoing History of New MusicThe Book of World Records Version 1.0 - Part 2
The Book of World Records Version 1.0 - Part 2

The Book of World Records Version 1.0 - Part 2

Update: 2023-08-23


This week we go back into the Ongoing history vault from 2008 and the second of two parts on world records.

Most people want to leave this earth being known for... something.

We want it to be at least a little memorable... to some, so that our time on this planet won't be forgotten so quickly. It's that whole sense of self my soul has self-esteem issues thing that we're all born with. Maybe you want to be known for being kind to animals. Maybe you're good at math, and you want people to remember your gift for solving difficult differential equations.

Or maybe you want to be known as the only man who has ever eaten an airplane.

You heard me.

Michelle Lottito is also known as Massio Monge-tut, which translates as Mr. Eat Everything. He's the world record holder of the largest meal ever eaten. In this case, it's a Cessna 150. This is an airplane, and has a wingspan at just over 33 feet and weighs about 1100 pounds. It can carry two people at a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet for just over 400 miles, and this dude ate one. Apparently, he has a stomach lining that's twice as thick as it should be, which allows him to digest things like nuts and bolts and sheet metal and chain. Wonder what kind of wine goes with the prop assembly. Anyway, Michelle Lottito will be forever known as the guy who ate an airplane. A meal that size is a world record.

Which is another thing that got me thinking. What are some of the superlatives and some of the weirdness that comes from the world of New Rock and alternative music when it comes to stuff like this? So I started looking, and I found out a lot.

This is the Ongoing History of New Music Book of World Records, part two.

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The Book of World Records Version 1.0 - Part 2

The Book of World Records Version 1.0 - Part 2