DiscoverShrinking TrumpThe Brakes Are Not Working on His Frontal Lobes
The Brakes Are Not Working on His Frontal Lobes

The Brakes Are Not Working on His Frontal Lobes

Update: 2024-05-243


Top Psychologists John Gartner and Harry Segal are joined by Emily and Mitchell Clionsky, experts in dementia, to outline the specific symptoms of Trump's mental decline on Really American's SMASH HIT podcast, Shrinking Trump.

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Mitchell Clionsky is a PhD, board-certified in clinical neuropsychology. Emily is an Internal Medicine doctor and psychiatrist as well as a diplomate in the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. They are both specialists in dementia and are co-authors of the book Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain.

You will not want to miss what they have to share from their observations and analysis of Trump. 

Emily presents our listeners with informal medical observations of Donald Trump to guide our future diagnostic questions and testing. Some of the insights she shares about his physical and mental well-being are shocking.

Mitchell takes us on a unique, deep-dive into an evaluation of Trump’s deteriorating executive functions from the viewpoint of a hiring officer at a major corporation. “We evaluated him eight years ago,” Mitchell said. “And again four years ago because he was ousted by the Board of Directors representing the shareholders for this corporation.”

This week, we’re also introducing a new feature called Bad News Good News, where we bring you the best and worst of the week’s media coverage of Trump and Biden’s cognitive health. “In addition to our mission of analyzing Trump, we have another mission - and that is to monitor how the mainstream press covers this issue,” John told us. “I think it's time to name and shame. And I think it's time to organize our voices and speak back, speak up. We've listened to enough of their bullshit. I think it's time for them to hear from us.”

Listen in as John and Harry dissect a major dishonest headline from the Washington Post this week regarding Biden’s mental health and call out the editors for refusing to issue a correction or retraction of the article. 

Harry says, “Even if we laugh sometimes, we are judicious in trying to think about what we're hearing, and analyzing the language and how it becomes distorted, which we recognize is from patients we've worked with early onset dementia.”

Tune in and be sure to let us know what you think about this fantastic episode in the comments.

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The Brakes Are Not Working on His Frontal Lobes

The Brakes Are Not Working on His Frontal Lobes

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