DiscoverTeachers Off DutyThe Funniest PE Teacher Stories!!
The Funniest PE Teacher Stories!!

The Funniest PE Teacher Stories!!

Update: 2024-04-14


Get ready to dodge, duck, and dive! 

Twin with HonestTeacherVibes with the 'Ya'll Gonna Learn Today Crew Neck!

Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! Join our hosts KC Mack, Bri Richardson as known as HonestTeacherVibes, and The Angry Gym Teacher himself, Tom Filline for some of the funniest stories that NEVER made it to the yearbook. 

In what might be a "you gotta be there to believe it" situation, imagine KC Mack's tetherball turnarounds that defy physics. Let's not forget to shoutout the gym class heroes that could either make or break your day. Plus, don't miss the tea of a not-so-happy gym teacher's journey from morning announcements to the stand-up spotlight!

Expect hilarious stories of amputated toes (not as grim as it sounds, we promise), accidental bug invasions during soccer practice, and the side of PE you never thought existed. Buckle up, because Tom, KC, and Bri aren't holding back!

Jump right to it!
2:15 - Dodgeball Disasters Shared
5:40 - Tetherball Turnaround Tales
9:25 - Secret Life of Gym Teachers
14:00 - Missing Toes, Storytime!
18:45 - Bug Invasion During Soccer
23:30 - What PE Teachers Really Think
28:50 - Gym Class Wins & Fails

Hit play, share the laughs and remember: what happens in gym class, doesn't doesn't make it to the yearbook! 🤣

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The Funniest PE Teacher Stories!!

The Funniest PE Teacher Stories!!

Bored Teachers