DiscoverRabia and Ellyn Solve the CaseThe Murdaugh Murders with Jasmeen Alexander
The Murdaugh Murders with Jasmeen Alexander

The Murdaugh Murders with Jasmeen Alexander

Update: 2023-03-022


Rabia Chaudry and Ellyn Marsh are joined today by TikTok content creator, Jasmeen Alexander to discuss, The Murdaugh Murders. If you have a question for Rabia and Ellyn leave them a voicemail at or send them an email at

Give Rabia and Ellyn a follow on Instagram at @rabiaandellyn or on their personal pages, @rabiasquared2 and @ellynmarsh. And please give Jasmeen Alexander a follow on her TikTok page, @therealbiggdracco and @thereal_dracc on Instagram.

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The Murdaugh Murders with Jasmeen Alexander

The Murdaugh Murders with Jasmeen Alexander