The Murder of Ashleigh Love

The Murder of Ashleigh Love

Update: 2023-02-142


This week we are discussing the tragic murder of Ashleigh Love, a sweet, kind, and intelligent 19-year-old who is deeply missed by all who knew her. 

A huge thank-you to Kyle Olson with Love and Justice Podcast, as well as the Love family, for their help in sharing Ashleigh’s story. 

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Research by Haley Gray with Haley Gray Research.  

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How to help:

  • Share Ashleigh’s story. Talk about her story, especially if you know someone who lives in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Encourage others to talk about her story.

  • Join the Justice for Ashleigh Love Facebook group

  • Watch Letters to Ashleigh

  • Listen to and follow the Love & Justice podcast.

  • Please come forward if you know anything. There is a $12,000 reward. The family wants anyone who knows something that you don't have to be afraid to come forward - this is a safe space. Anyone with information can contact Milwaukee Police at (414) 935-7360.

  • If you don’t want to call the police, you can send a tip — named or anonymously — to the podcast website, Kyle said, “Obviously we will be passing along that information to the authorities if something viable comes in. But sometimes people find [the hotline] as an easier way to get to the authorities than going directly to them.” 

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The Murder of Ashleigh Love

The Murder of Ashleigh Love

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