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The Science Of Happiness: How To Be Happier

The Science Of Happiness: How To Be Happier

Update: 2023-04-289


One question everyone in the world would say yes to:

“Do you want to be happy?”

That’s what today’s episode is about.

I’m going to share some things that any and everyone in the world can do to improve their level of happiness.

(SPOILER ALERT: These aren’t about making more money, finally achieving any one specific thing, etc… none of those things are what I’m going to talk about today.)

What gives me the authority to claim these can help anyone?

Well… it’s not about any authority of mine.

Rather… these are evidence based strategies according to actual science on how to become a happier person.

So today you’ll learn:

What is real happiness?

How do we achieve it?

What are the steps to get there?

So… Buckle up, listen up, and when you’re finished…

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The Science Of Happiness: How To Be Happier

The Science Of Happiness: How To Be Happier

Rob Dial