DiscoverAubrey Marcus PodcastThe Science of Magic w/ Dean Radin, PhD #404
The Science of Magic w/ Dean Radin, PhD #404

The Science of Magic w/ Dean Radin, PhD #404

Update: 2023-03-081


Have you ever experienced psychic phenomena?

How about an experience that could only be regarded as “magic”?

It’s more than likely you have, considering a survey conducted where over 90% of participants, all being scientific academics, reported to have had at least one of these experiences in their life.

Today’s podcast is with Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Dean has an impressively prestigious background- with a Masters degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in psychology, he has spent decades engaged in research on the frontiers of consciousness, with over 100 peer-reviewed studies and author of numerous books. In our discussion, we discuss the gamut of magical experiences, including; telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, manifestation, sigils, and more. We dive into the scientific studies that validate these kinds of experiences, discuss the history of suppression, and posit the potential of our future if we begin to harness these abilities.

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The Science of Magic w/ Dean Radin, PhD #404

The Science of Magic w/ Dean Radin, PhD #404

Aubrey Marcus