DiscoverThe TakeThe global stardom of Tina Turner
The global stardom of Tina Turner

The global stardom of Tina Turner

Update: 2023-06-011


Tina Turner, whose music career spanned five decades, died last week at the age of 83. With her dynamic stage presence, powerful vocals, and electrifying energy, she consistently delivered unforgettable live performances that captivated audiences around the world. Though she was American, Turner said she felt she was a bigger star outside the United States. There’s been an outpouring of tributes to her from her fans around the world, from Australia to Albania. So what’s behind her international appeal? 

In this episode: 

  • Taro Gold (@TaroGold), author and singer

  • Chelsi West Ohueri (@AnthroBalkans), assistant professor of Slavic and Eurasian studies, University of Texas

  • Eileen Shenkmann, Tina Turner fan

  • Andrew Thomas (@and_thomasComms), Al Jazeera correspondent 

  • Jadey O'Regan (@hellodrjadey), lecturer of contemporary music, University of Sydney

  • Scott Dawkins (@dawkins_scott), Tina Turner fan

  • Andrew Coombes, (@andrewcoombes), Al Jazeera producer 

  • Stefanie Batten Bland, assistant professor of theater and dance, Montclair State University 

Episode credits:

This episode was produced by Sonia Bhagat and Ashish Malhotra, and our host, Malika Bilal. Khaled Soltan fact-checked this episode.

Our sound designer is Alex Roldan. This episode was mixed by Tim St. Clair.

Our lead of audience development and engagement is Aya Elmileik. Munera Al Dosari and Adam Abou-Gad are our engagement producers.

Alexandra Locke is The Take’s executive producer, and Ney Alvarez is Al Jazeera's head of audio.

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The global stardom of Tina Turner

The global stardom of Tina Turner

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