DiscoverBussin' With The BoysTom Segura Talks His Friendship With Bert Kreischer + His Start In Comedy
Tom Segura Talks His Friendship With Bert Kreischer + His Start In Comedy

Tom Segura Talks His Friendship With Bert Kreischer + His Start In Comedy

Update: 2023-07-251


Recorded: July 6th 2023 | The boys are back and take us on a journey is this intro. If you are watching the video version, you will see that Taylor has gotten a new haircut, so the boys talk about why he decided to switch it up. They then get into their weekend and what they did for Taylor's birthday. They talk about how they got a bitt banged up and had a little bit of a boys night by reflecting on life and just being very in the moment during that night. It's a very funny and interesting convo to see how their brains were working.

Following the intro, the boys sit down with legendary comedian, Tom Segura. The guys get right into some football talk as Tom is a MASSIVE college football fan. He played in high school and tells a hilarious story about how he almost played in college. Tom also has some crazy stories of Ndamokung Suh that Will is able to confirm or deny.

After football talk, the guys dive into Tom’s comedy career. He tells his journey from doing funny videos in college to realizing that comedy is the path he wants to take in life. Tom shares what the feeling of blowing up is like and his path from doing little theaters to massive arenas. He also gets into the benefits of using or not using a streaming platform to promote your comedy.

Will and Taylor of course ask Tom about his best friend and one of the boys, Bert Kreischer. Tom gets into who has the better work ethic between the two of them which is a tough question to ask. At the end, Tom lists his top 3 pet peeves he has of Bert. All 3 are hilarious as Tom has a perfect Bert impersonation and is something you won’t want to miss. Tap in boys.

1:05 Taylor’s new haircut
2:10 Will and Taylor were banged up for his birthday
21:30 Shout out no free shoutout
36:55 Twisted Tea Question - Would you rather
55:00 Tier talk
1:03:44 Our universal Pet Peeve
1:04:45 Tom Segura preview
1:07:14 New York is a wild spot
1:10:39 Tom is a massive college football guy and almost played in college
1:17:53 Best spots Tom has seen while on tour and Ndamokung Suh stories
1:24:03 Taylor’s trash talking vs other guys trash talking
1:32:05 How older guys stay in the league
1:42:23 How Tom started in comedy
1:52:22 How it feels realizing you’re starting to blow up
1:54:01 Do comics want other comics to do well
1:55:37 How do you not steal jokes
1:59:43 What’s the benefit of being on a streaming platform
2:00:36 Shane Gillis special on Youtube
2:05:02 Shane told Tom about Beer Olympics
2:08:59 Did he ever want to do SNL/sketch comedy
2:11:17 Tom wrote and produced a show with his own money
2:12:38 How has he learned to build out everything he has
2:17:54 Who has a better work ethic: Tom or Bert
2:21:48 Tom’s 3 pet peeves about Bert
2:29:10 Tom’s new special “Sledgehammer”



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Tom Segura Talks His Friendship With Bert Kreischer + His Start In Comedy

Tom Segura Talks His Friendship With Bert Kreischer + His Start In Comedy

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