DiscoverThe Queer Family PodcastTrans Dad Shares Journey of Self-Discovery and Parenthood
Trans Dad Shares Journey of Self-Discovery and Parenthood

Trans Dad Shares Journey of Self-Discovery and Parenthood

Update: 2024-05-20


Jaimie sits down with Shawndeez, a non-binary trans dad who shares their journey towards self-discovery and parenthood. Seandeez discusses the challenges they faced as a queer and trans individual, their decision to pursue IVF and egg retrieval, and the importance of unconditional love in the parent-child relationship. Seandeez also talks about their work supporting parents of trans children and the need for compassionate guidance in navigating the complexities of gender identity. Tune in for an inspiring and heartfelt conversation.

Stay tuned for more enlightening discussions that challenge conventional narratives and celebrate the beautiful diversity of queer families.

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🏳️‍🌈Key Takeaways:🏳️‍🌈 

  • Shawndeez's journey of self-discovery highlights the complexities of growing up queer and trans in a conservative environment and the subsequent path to embracing their true identity.
  • The decision to pursue reciprocal IVF, where Shawndeez provided the egg and their partner carried the pregnancy, underlines the diverse ways queer families can come about.
  • Shawndeez emphasizes the importance of having supportive medical professionals and a spiritually-driven mindset during their transition and fertility process.
  • Discussions about the emotional work that comes with navigating a trans child's experience, particularly for cisgender and heterosexual parents, underscore the need for understanding and open communication within families.
  • Shawndeez's current work focuses on helping parents of trans children embrace and understand their child's identity, advocating for compassion and unconditional love.


  • "The beauty of being queer and the beauty of having the queer and trans consciousness is we have this literacy, we have this emotional capacity. We have the space to have these types of conversations.” Shawndeez
  • "I watched my mother...watched her learn and choose love. That was absolutely massive for me in my own queer consciousness." Shawndeez
  • "It's a beautiful is really wildly beautiful on the other side." Shawndeez

🏳️‍🌈About The Guest(s)🏳️‍🌈

Shawndeez is a non-binary trans person with an impressive academic background and a passionate commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community. With a PhD in Gender Studies from UCLA, Shawndeez is not only thoroughly literate in topics surrounding gender and sexuality but also applies this knowledge to real-world contexts. As a transparent who has navigated personal and social transformations, Shawndeez now dedicates a significant portion of their work to supporting parents of trans children, helping to bridge gaps in understanding and fostering love and acceptance within families.

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Trans Dad Shares Journey of Self-Discovery and Parenthood

Trans Dad Shares Journey of Self-Discovery and Parenthood

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