Undercover Underage with Roo Powell

Undercover Underage with Roo Powell

Update: 2023-05-24


Episode 32. Roo Powell joins Kristen this week to discuss her non-profit organization SOSA (Safe From Online Sex Abuse) as well as her docuseries, Undercover Underage - now airing Season 2 on both Discovery ID AND HBO Max!

In Undercover Underage, Roo's team place decoys online to engage with child predators and protect the most vulnerable. As Kristen's favorite show, Kristen refers to it as a modern-day version of "To Catch A Predator meets Catfish". Irrespective of cameras, SOSA is doing work around the clock to keep minors safe on the internet from what Roo refers to as "ACMs" (Adults Contacting Minors).

Kristen and Roo talk about the differences between their childhood and how accessible the internet is in the present day for both children and predators. The stories Roo has to share in her experience both on and off the show will blow your minds: from her intricate work with law enforcement, to the emotional toll it takes to run a sprint and takedown, to the real behind-the-scenes work and the WILD things her team has seen (which no one ever should).

Please follow @sosatogether on all social media platforms and visit sosatogether.org to DONATE and to find out more information!

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Undercover Underage with Roo Powell

Undercover Underage with Roo Powell