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Underground Subway Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Underground Subway Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Update: 2023-06-09


The subway has a sound profile uniquely its own. The curves of the tunnel echo back the scrape of steel wheels on the tracks. Brakes squeal as the train slows, arriving at the next station. Another train pulls through, vibrating and rattling as it passes. Inside the car, exterior noises are muffled, overtaken by the sounds of conversation and passengers shuffling quickly on and off the train. On the subway you are free to engage, or just sit quietly with your own thoughts, alone, but not lonely, in a crowd.


🎧 The unique audio for this Sound Machine has been recorded by our good friends, Libby and Marcel, at Free to Use Sounds. We are delighted to use it with their express permission and in partnership.

Libby and Marcel offer an extensive collection of high-quality sound recordings available through the diverse Sound Libraries on their website. Their sonic collection is truly vast and varied, ensuring you'll find just the sound you need.

If this Sound Machine has piqued your interest, and you'd like to support both this podcast and Free to Use Sounds, you can find the original sound recording, along with many more, in the exclusive sample pack found at

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Underground Subway Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Underground Subway Sound Machine (12 Hours)

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