Valuable Vinyl

Valuable Vinyl

Update: 2023-05-10


Times are good for vinyl...the format was all but dead until some desperate record store owners invented “record store day” in 2008...since then, we’ve seen double-digit increases in vinyl sales year after year after year...

Things are so good that in several countries, the revenue brought in by selling vinyl is greater than the revenue generated by compact disc sales...we haven’t seen anything like this since the late 80s...

What’s driving the boom?...many things, from audio quality to the ability to display the music you love in your home... “look at how many linear feet my record collection takes up!...not only that, but I’ve chosen a format that isn’t portable and requires me to purchase special equipment to play it...that’s how much I love music”...

Vinyl is something you can hold in your there’s the disc itself, the artwork, the liner notes, the lyrics and all the tactile sensations that go with playing a record...

Once you’re smitten, it’s not too hard move to collecting interesting hit used record stores, go to record shows, and scour sites like discogs and eBay to fill in the gaps in your vinyl library...

And then there’s the final leap: you become a hard-core collector and look at vinyl as an start lusting after records that are insanely rare and very valuable—and very expensive...these records cost hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and in a couple of very special cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars...

What are these records?...where can you find them?...and what’s it gonna cost me?...this is a tour through some very valuable vinyl...and hey: maybe one of this records is in your music library right now…

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Valuable Vinyl

Valuable Vinyl