We Are Switching Tribes

We Are Switching Tribes

Update: 2023-10-192


Drop your Buffs®! We are switching tribes—Jeff discusses how they approached the first tribe swap of the new era from the producer's perspective. Some core alliances—Dee and Julie, Drew and Austin—made it through the swap while others, like Brando and Kellie, are now on opposing teams. Rick shares his personal experience of what runs through a castaway’s mind when the new buffs are drawn and talks about some lone wolves—like Emily—who have an opportunity to completely change their gameplay. With a new chance to make moves and test their social games, how will players’ loyalties shake out?

Jeff also speaks to how influential Survivor’s editors can be in telling stories from the player’s point-of-view—like unpacking the friction between Katurah and Bruce through Katurah’s eyes rather than Bruce’s. With so many twists and turns in one episode, how could we ignore the shocking departure at Tribal Council? Jeff, Jay, and Rick have different thoughts about who would leave but no one expected another castaway to ask to be voted out in yet another emotional tribal speech. Jeff also answers listeners' questions about previous Survivor traditions he’d like to bring back and the chances of a Tribal Council where everyone loses their vote. And get ready—Jeff braces for the return of "This Is Why You Suck".

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We Are Switching Tribes

We Are Switching Tribes