Weddings, Vegas, and Girl Dinner!

Weddings, Vegas, and Girl Dinner!

Update: 2023-08-312


Welcome to the first official podcast with Tizzle as a married woman!! This week we get all the deets on the big day—the wedding that Tish claims is the most beautiful that she’s seen in her life (not biased). Despite that nasty storm threatening to ruin the day, Tish is confident that God and Mammie pulled out all the stops. She had the wedding of her dreams and a litty-kitty afterparty. They then get to some Dear MTs and offer Vegas recommendations, advice on vitamin regimes (not the people to ask), and workplace romances. Plus, a caller has them chatting High Design as she downsizes from a 2 bed to a studio. Lastly, they share their most favorite girl dinner and chat Off-Limits. 

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Weddings, Vegas, and Girl Dinner!

Weddings, Vegas, and Girl Dinner!

Brandi and Tish Cyrus