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What Teaching Gen Z is Really Like

What Teaching Gen Z is Really Like

Update: 2024-04-28


Gen Z's sass meets classroom brass….

Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty with our hosts KC Mack, HonestTeacherVibes: Bri Richardson, and the Angry Gym Teacher, Tom Filline!

Let’s have a real talk about Gen Z. They’re just built different. What is up with these snack smugglers and TikTok pre-stars? 

Maybe we shouldn’t cry or laugh at the hilarious yet frustrating reality of teaching Gen Z students who don't know how to do a simple signature. It's a skill we often take for granted, but for this new generation, it's a foreign concept. Maybe they figured out a better way?

Signatures stump them but we’re the ones lost at their new language that we can barely keep up with. And it's not just in the hallways, it's in the classroom too. From slang to memes, it's like a whole new language that we have to learn.

And speaking of not keeping up with, we argue with KC about the infamous "shoe crease" dilemma. These kids refuse to change into their PE shoes because they don't want to crease them. He says he gets the issue, us not so much….. 

Drink some hot tea to prepare to yell “WORLDSTAR!” at the next teacher debate because it might just hit the internet. Who knew there was a whole wave of Gen Z students starting "fight pages" on social media. It's a disturbing trend that’s taking off - one page even got a brand deal…. 

But it's not just the students who can be a handful. There was a teacher trying to bully a student who was bullying others. She thought it would hold up a mirror to their actions but that’s just not the route to take bestie. 

It’s not always crazy, sometimes its outright HILARIOUS. From "Mrs. Funny Face" to "Mr. Cool" to “[REDACTED]”, these nicknames humble us real quick.

2:37 - Chalk Dust Confessions Begin
5:45 - Gen Z Hooligan Behavior
10:03 - Social Media Meets Syllabus
15:15 - Teaching Tech: Hit or Miss?
20:47 - Third Grader Mystery Story
25:58 - Behind Teacher's Lounge Doors
30:42 - Latest Tea on Teaching Fads

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So tune in and listen up “bruh”! It’s about to get “lit” up in here. No cap.

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What Teaching Gen Z is Really Like

What Teaching Gen Z is Really Like

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