DiscoverAndrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash SinghWhite Cartel Dealer Explains How To SURVIVE Prison
White Cartel Dealer Explains How To SURVIVE Prison

White Cartel Dealer Explains How To SURVIVE Prison

Update: 2023-02-214


Whats up people, today we have Johnny Mitchell to discuss how he got linked up with the Sinaloa cartel, how he eventually got caught, and how he survived 3 years in federal prison. INDULGE!

00:00 Intro
00:43 Johnny didn’t snitch
01:55 Johnny freelanced for the cartel
03:44 Did anyone try to climb Johnny’s tree?
05:53 Johnny’s first fight in prison
07:35 Different types of jail
08:28 Swedish jail is like summer camp
10:08 Schulz obeys the law because he’s scared of a booty bandits
14:07 Scariest person he met in jail is a dude with a tiny pecker
20:11 Scariest thing about prison is male pattern baldness
22:07 How Johnny became a professional dealer
26:30 Coke is where the money is
29:31 Johnny got robbed while playing Mario kart
35:20 Sinaloa - home of Weed + Speaking Spanish is worse
41:30 Johnny was making $80k a month
46:19 How CNN taught Johnny to traffick drugs
56:31 Everybody wants to be seen, including the cartel
01:01:08 Nobody wants to be the boss anymore
01:03:36 How freelancing led to Fentanyl
01:08:05 Comedy is like drug dealing
01:09:11 Dealing with mafia nepo-babies
01:13:20 Johnny is 0/1 with bribes
01:21:35 Johnny made $1 million selling
01:23:48 Where do you hide that much money?
01:30:33 Laundering money though gifts
01:32:20 Middlemen drug dealers + Business acumen
01:38:51 Embracing your past
01:41:40 How Johnny would start again…
01:46:31 Paying US Border agents + Legalisation
01:55:18 Portland Whites are weird
02:00:09 European Mafias + Bootlegging created Presidents
02:09:13 Crack + crime + overcorrection
02:13:45 Moving guns + Cartels wanted the wall
02:19:17 Narco-states built around Tourism
02:21:36 This is a lonely life + adjusting to civilian life
02:25:45 Moving drugs in prison + Racial lines aren’t as strict
02:33:00 Solitary confinement is torture + time flies in prison
02:40:02 Working in the kitchen + Real camaraderie
02:43:38 Difference between Snitch and Rat
02:45:26 Family impact - mom, dad and Jimmy
02:50:44 Comedy in prison is the best
02:54:53 Every prisoner has a gf
02:56:30 Taliban contacted Johnny for consulting
02:57:41 Being the last bootlegger - “no regrets”
02:59:26 Smashing out Cartel’s girl + Risk taking
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White Cartel Dealer Explains How To SURVIVE Prison

White Cartel Dealer Explains How To SURVIVE Prison

Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh