DiscoverThe Liz Moody PodcastWhy We Have No Work/Life Balance + How To Fix It
Why We Have No Work/Life Balance + How To Fix It

Why We Have No Work/Life Balance + How To Fix It

Update: 2024-04-03


Simone Stolzoff, author and workplace expert, discusses the many ways work has taken on an outsized role in our lives, what it’s costing us, and exactly how to fix it.

  • 3 science-backed ways to become more comfortable with uncertainty 

  • How to overcome burnout

  • Why people in the US care more about work and work way harder than people in other countries

  • What we can learn from other countries about work/life balance (and how to actually apply those learnings in the US)

  • Exactly what to do if you’re a writer, teacher, zookeeper, or any other job that’s societally lauded but not paid accordingly 

  • How to work less without worrying about losing your job

  • How to know if you should make your passion your job 

  • Why time sanctuaries will make you more productive + way happier

  • Secrets to WAY more workplace satisfaction, whether you work for a company or yourself

  • And so much more

For more from Simone, you can find him on Instagram at @thepizza_bagel or his website The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work is available where books are sold.

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Why We Have No Work/Life Balance + How To Fix It

Why We Have No Work/Life Balance + How To Fix It

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