DiscoverThe Liz Moody PodcastWhy You Need A Dopamine Detox (And Exactly How To Do It)
Why You Need A Dopamine Detox (And Exactly How To Do It)

Why You Need A Dopamine Detox (And Exactly How To Do It)

Update: 2024-05-011


Olivia Amitrano, clinical herbalist and founder of herbal formulations company Organic Olivia, discusses detoxing from excess dopamine, natural alternatives to Ozempic, the link between PCOS and insulin resistance, and more.

  • how to know if you need a dopamine detox

  • how to know what will be most helpful for you to eliminate

  • secrets to eliminating dopamine hijackers like cannabis, caffeine, alcohol, phones, hyperpalatable foods, and more

  • the secret to overcoming cravings in the moments you NEED your dopamine triggers

  • the biggest benefits of doing a dopamine detox + the exact steps to do one 

  • the coping mechanism MOST of us have that we don’t even realize (and how to get rid of it)

  • the natural alternative to Ozempic that triggers your body’s satiety response

  • the exact routine Olivia followed to go from pre-diabetic to having no signs of diabetes

  • the link between PCOS and insulin resistance (and what to do about it)

  • secrets for regulating your nervous system

  • how to encourage your partner to develop healthier habits of their own

  • and so much more

For more from Olivia, you can follow her on Instagram at @organic_olivia or visit her website and use code LIZMOODY for 10% off. Listen to Liz on Olivia’s podcast What’s The Juice.

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Why You Need A Dopamine Detox (And Exactly How To Do It)

Why You Need A Dopamine Detox (And Exactly How To Do It)

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