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William Green - Part 2

William Green - Part 2

Update: 2022-05-02


On January 27th, 2020 William “Boo Boo” Green, was handcuffed with his hands behind his back in the front seat of a police car when he was shot seven times by Prince George's County police officer Michael Owen Jr. Boo Boo's Cousin Nikki and attorney Malcolm Ruff share updates on the case including how many times officer Owen has tried to make bail as well as the failures of the counties system that ignored internal red flags.

CTA for citizens From Nikki Owens

If you’re looking for ways to be of service, Nikki Owens would like you to know that Police oversight in America is non-existent. Cities have tried to fight for laws that require police accountability with resistance from legislators, the Fraternal Order Of Police, and local politicians. The current judicial system in America is discriminatory and racist toward people of color. We the people need to recognize how problematic and dangerous it is for police to police themselves. Deadly force has now become normal instead of a last resort. Unarmed citizens, the mentally distressed, and children are dying at the hands of the people sworn to protect and serve them. We are seeing the centuries long abuse of people of color play out on our television screens daily, yet there is no oversight or consequences. Families are hurting and the call to stop murderous police officers is going unheard. We as families need to stand-up together, fight together, and demand that the laws that work for white citizens be enforced equally to people of color. We need the people paid by citizens to enforce and implement laws without bias, discrimination, and racism.


Reach out to your local activist groups, ACLU, and other impacted families to join the fight for justice and equality

Also, as always, push to have your state end Qualified Immunity

Listen next week for a special part 3 on William Green. We sat down for a roundtable with Nikki Owens and Community Activists turned friends, Tamara McKinney, the cofounder of Concerned Citizens for Bail Reform, Beverly John of the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability, and Dawn Dalton, the Cofounder of The JustUs Initiative, to learn more about policing and laws in Prince George’s county, and how we can all better support families who have lost someone due to police violence. 

Names of the Fallen mentioned in this episode

Anton Black

Freddie Gray

Emmet Till

Archie Elliott

George Floyd

Breonna Taylor

William Boo Boo Green

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William Green - Part 2

William Green - Part 2

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