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Your Reality Reflects Your Perception

Your Reality Reflects Your Perception

Update: 2023-09-08


Ready to shatter your perception of reality? This episode of The Pathway to Your Results Podcast is going to do just that, as we unpack the myth of separation and delve into the interconnectedness of all things. We traverse the spiritual, mental, and physical planes of existence that we inhabit simultaneously, shedding light on the understanding that everything is one, made up of light and conscious awareness. 

Sharing a personal journey, I reveal how I found myself in a project that seemed thrusted upon me, only to realize that the universe had it planned all along. Our talks span continents, uncovering a common theme - inner child struggles, pointing towards the wisdom of our higher selves. We delve into the intriguing game of life, where our higher self revels in a playful game of hide and seek with itself.

The realms of consciousness and purpose await us as we discuss John Wheeler's concept of 'observer participancy'. I reveal how our thoughts, beliefs, and passions can shape our reality, bringing the formless potential of the universe to life. We end on a powerful note—how understanding the interconnectedness of all things empowers us to manifest our dreams. Life is nothing but a reflection of our inner thoughts, and this episode is a profound exploration of these constructs. Listen in, reshape your reality, and journey towards the results you desire.

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Your Reality Reflects Your Perception

Your Reality Reflects Your Perception

Derick Grant