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Criminal:Vox Media Podcast Network


Criminal is the first of its kind. A show about people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. Hosted by Phoebe Judge. Named a Best Podcast of 2023 by the New York Times. Part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.


Real Crime Profile:Real Crime Profile / Wondery

Real Crime Profile

Join Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst, former New Scotland Yard) and Lisa Zambetti (Casting director for CBS' Criminal Minds) as they profile behavior from real criminal cases.




A Podcast About Crime


Criminal Mischief:Cloud10

Criminal Mischief

The Murder Chronicles is now CRIMINAL MISCHIEF with Carolyn and Branden. From the creative team that brought you The Shadow Girls and The Devil Within, hosts Carolyn Ossorio and Branden Morgan team up to give you a double dose of true crime each and every week. First, Carolyn trains her investigative eye on the darkest corners of the human condition to bring you a weekly story that is terrifying and intriguing with the type of access that only a veteran journalist could achieve. Then Carolyn is joined by Branden for a weekly bonus episode to have a lively (and less professional…) discussion about the case. Criminal Mischief is sure to be your new true crime obsession. Go ahead… scratch the itch.


The Criminal Makeup:Audioboom Studios

The Criminal Makeup

Danielle Kirsty, a True Crime content creator on YouTube, is now bringing her unbelievable stories to podcast format! With her huge passion for True Crime and expertise from her Law & Criminology degree, Danielle likes to dive deep into the minds of the worst criminals in history - so that we can all try and figure out why they do what they do. Join Danielle as she falls down the rabbit hole, delivering cases from around the world with curiosity, empathy and a much needed dash of sass!


Profiling Criminal Minds:Unknown

Profiling Criminal Minds

Profiling Criminal Minds takes an in-depth look at the most successful serial killer-themed television show of all time. Each week Sheila and Dan watch a trio of episodes and dig deep into everything from plot to direction to Spencer Reid’s fascinating tendency towards self-endangerment. In addition to this exhaustive look at Criminal Minds, the hosts also compare, contrast, and contextualize other serial killer-themed fiction, from Manhunter through UnSub to The Inside and beyond! Join them on their journey through one of the most interesting explorations of the heart of darkness ever aired.


Truly Criminal Podcast:Truly Criminal

Truly Criminal Podcast

We are Truly Criminal - your new home for true crime. We will take you through the investigations, into the courtrooms and behind the headlines. Some cases you may have heard of, others you might know nothing about. Join us as we examine solved and unsolved cases from around the world, every week.


Criminal Conduct:Creative Babble & Advertisecast

Criminal Conduct

Criminal Conduct is an investigative true-crime podcast series hosted by John Taylor and Javier Leiva. Season 1: The hosts look into the death of Michelle O'Connell, picking up the investigation where the murdered sleuth, Eli Washtock, left off. Season 2: The investigation of a rogue constable in Kentucky who is accused of planting drugs, stealing money, and shaking people down. Season 3: An American Serial Killer in Paradise: The story of serial killer William Holbert aka "Wild Bill" and his victims. Season 4: Getting Away with Murder: The Death Investigation of Pravin Varughese


Criminal Discourse Podcast:Criminal Discourse

Criminal Discourse Podcast

Welcome to our true crime podcast, where we explore intriguing cases with the same passion as true crime enthusiasts like you. With each episode, we delve deep into the facts, theories, and mysteries of each case, offering a riveting discourse that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Tune in for a criminally good time!


Criminal Records Podcast:Demetria Spinrad and Isaac Meyer

Criminal Records Podcast

Criminal Records Podcast is a history show exploring the weird history of crime and punishment, from the earliest recorded murder case to the origins of laws that are in effect today. Join hosts Isaac Meyer and Demetria Spinrad on a wild journey through criminal justice systems all over the world. You can listen to our episodes in any order, but we recommend starting with our most recent cases and working your way back through our catalogue. We’ve learned a lot about audio editing and structuring hour-long episodes since we first started in 2018!


Club Criminal:Rodrigo Alvarez

Club Criminal

Debates sobre atuação prática do dia a dia dos criminalistas. Com Rodrigo Alvarez, João Ricardo, Tiago Bunning e convidados.


Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast:Patrick Fitzgibbons

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast

The Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast is a growth and development podcast for criminal justice professionals. It was created for criminal justice professionals and hosted by a retired criminal justice professional.




Confira o Investigação Criminal em podcast.


Criminal Player Podcast:Comunidade Criminal Player

Criminal Player Podcast

Atualidades, reflexões e discussões sobre o universo do direito criminal e processo penal com o notável juiz Alexandre Morais da Rosa e o renomado professor e advogado criminalista Aury Lopes Jr


The Criminal Connection Podcast:The Criminal Connection Podcast

The Criminal Connection Podcast

The Criminal Connection Podcast delivers a unique insight into the nefarious underworld hosted by true crime actor-producer, Terry Stone. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Criminal Behaviorology:Criminal Behaviorology

Criminal Behaviorology

Criminal Behaviorology is the synthesis of criminology and behavior analysis. This podcast reviews areas of importance to both fields and explores new possibilities. Criminal Behaviorology is a podcast for all those interested in crime, psychology, history and improving the world we live in.


Caso Criminal:Podimo

Caso Criminal

Esto es Caso Criminal: los casos criminales más sorprendentes e inquietantes. -El Caso Mainat-El Caso Asunta-El Caso Nevenka-El Caso de la Guardia Urbana-El Caso de Ana Orantes-El Caso del niño Gabriel-El Caso Bretón-El Caso de los VirginianosEscucha los casos delictivos más complejos ocurridos en España. Asesinatos, secuestros, desapariciones, abusos... Algunas de las historias que jamás podremos borrar de nuestras mentes y que han copado miles de portadas de prensa y minutos de televisión debido a lo increíble de sus historias.*Todos los datos recogidos en este podcast han sido publicados por medios de comunicación y en sentencias judiciales.


Criminal AF:Criminal AF

Criminal AF

CRIMINAL AF is a Comedic-Informative, True Crime-ish podcast. Yes, we love talking about true crime, but we also love talking about other sh** as well.Join hosts Dave Jarry and Garrett Courter every other Monday to discuss some of the most heinous crimes imaginable…while having fun doing it. Dave and Garrett bring a unique and unfiltered approach to their storytelling that will have you shocked beyond belief one minute and laughing out of your seat the next. This is NOT your typical true crime podcast. While we understand that CRIMINAL AF is not for everyone, we ask that you at least give it a listen and if it’s not for you, well, thanks for checking it out. But if it is…WELCOME TO THE DEBAUCHERY!!! Listener discretion is advised.To support CRIMINAL AF via Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee or PayPal, please visit us at


Criminal Behaviorology:Timothy Joseph

Criminal Behaviorology

Criminal Behaviorology is the synthesis of criminology and behavior analysis. This podcast reviews areas of importance to both fields and explores new possibilities. Criminal Behaviorology is a podcast for all those interested in crime, psychology, history, and improving the world we live in. Contact: Cover art photo provided by David von Diemar on Unsplash: Support this podcast:


Arquivo Criminal:Arquivo Criminal

Arquivo Criminal

Sejam bem vindos ao podcast "Arquivo Criminal". O podcast onde a Joanna vos fala sobre crimes reais que aconteceram e partilha as suas ideias e possíveis teorias. Se tens interesse em investigação criminal, este podcast é para ti. Instagram: @arquivocriminalpodcast @joannapratas Imagem por: Jorge Madeira

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