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Author: Amy Crawford, Ph.D. & Meghan Jones

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Join Amy Crawford, Ph.D. and Meghan Jones as they go on in-depth explorations of topics surrounding IFS (Internal Family Systems). The goal is to ensure all 'parts' feel welcome; they speak about the importance of Turning In, to nurture relationships with our internal system, in order to create values-based and Self-led relationships in our external life.
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Hi y'all! In this episode Amy and Meghan talk about all things dating including how to slow it down a bit to ensure our values stay in tact and Parts can feel confident in our Self leadership. Navigating the dating landscape can be tricky, if you're struggling (or even if you're having a blast) we hope you find this fruitful in moving forward in your choice of singledom or partnership.We love you! Be sure to share with a friend!Amy's Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
Dr. Crawford and Meghan spend precious time speaking with Fatimah Finney about the ever important topic of intercultural competence & diversity, equity and inclusion & how all of this may relate back to our internal system and Parts. We touch on how to repair when we inevitably mess up and hopefully help to allow continued space for this important conversation! Enjoy!Fatimah's Website: fatimahfinneylmhcAltogether Us Book Link:'s Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
"Just because you read a book doesn't mean you know how to do this."Please reach out for help and guidance if you feel you need it (you likely do, and there's nothing wrong with that) and make sure you're looking for guidance from those who hold legitimate training! You and your Parts are too precious to mess around. We love you!Amy's Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
Let's talk shame!Special shout out to our girl Brene Brown for all of the wonderful research and teaching she has done with the foundations of shame, guilt and vulnerability. What's left out of that conversation as it relates to Internal Family Systems and how do I.F.S. and Shame Resilience collide?  Listen to this episode to find out.Amy's Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
Unburdening our exiles, and therefore bringing relief to the rest of the system, is the beautiful and magical "agenda-less" agenda of this whole journey in I.F.S. This episode explains the overview of what that looks like and the deep breath that we can take after engaging in that process with someone. Enjoy!Amy's Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
Amy guides us through a Parts exercise using the 6 F's.  This is meant to be a resource to help us get to know our internal system, please feel free to share with us what comes up for you! Enjoy!Amy's Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
Spend a little time with us as we talk about practical ways we implement this whole I.F.S. process into our daily routines. Amy also spends time discussing the 6 F's. We hope you enjoy!Amy's Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Time,  Money, Sex.. Etc. So many different realms of boundaries. Amy and Meghan dive into the types, styles and ways that Parts may protect us in creating and upholding boundaries and maybe how to do so from Self just a little bit more. Enjoy!Amy's Website: www.amyleecrawford.comPodcast Site: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comIG: @turninginpod
Sue Richmond has been a licensed clinician for over 20 years and is currently a Certified Therapist, Clinical Consultant and Lead Trainer for the IFS Institute. In this episode we talk about the approach of IFS being non-pathologizing amongst the reality of the world of diagnosis, Self-Like Parts, and more! Sue's website: info:Website: https://turninginpod.buzzsprout.comAmy's website: @turninginpodSpotify Playlist:
Allison is an author, Level 1 trained IFS practitioner, Self-Leadership Coach who works regularly with business owners and entrepreneurs and someone who we loved talking I.F.S. withShe shares all sorts of coaching goodies especially talking about the abundance of Protectors that tend to show up within business leadership. We hope that you enjoy! Be sure to check out her book, UNARMORED, linked below!Website: Socials:
Chris Ratte, LCSW is a Certified Therapist and Clinical Consultant with the IFS Institute and we were so excited to spend time with him! In this episode we spoke in depth about the intersect between I.F.S. and the 12 step recovery program and found a surprising amount of similarities. These two programs can seem juxtaposed to one another at times, and Chris brought beautiful insight into how they may not be so different.Chris's website:'s website: www.amyleecrawford.comIG: @turninginpodPodcast website:
Let's talk parenting and I.F.S. Leslie Petruk is a Certified Therapist, Clinical Consultant and Lead Trainer with the IFS Institute. She has decades of experience Directing her own counseling practice, creating parenting programs and is currently working on a highly anticipated I.F.S. parenting book! Leslie shares some of her creative and helpful acronyms in this episode, to help us when we are in the midst or on the verge of activation. We hope you enjoy!
Episode 13: Q&A

Episode 13: Q&A


Meghan fires some I.F.S. questions at Amy, and she responds and replies with some pretty dynamic answers (unsurprisingly). We hope you enjoy!Instagram: @turninginpodEmail:
This is a special episode. Meghan and Amy spend time with Cece Sykes, LCSW. Cece has been involved in the IFS community since it's conception in the 80's and 90's, she shares her love for firefighters and explains her philosophy on Parts who hold addictive processes, and more!Cece Sykes, LCSW is a consultant, senior trainer and certified therapist with the IFS Institute and recently co-authored a book with Martha Sweezy, Ph.D., and Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. called 'Internal Family Systems Therapy for Addictions: Trauma -Informed, Compassion-Based Interventions for Substance Use, Eating, Gambling and More'. She has been in clinical practice for 30 years. With all of her brilliance and expertise, we got to experience her humility and humor along the way!Find Cece:Website: on Amazon: from IFS-I Store:
Dr. Erin Baker is a well established Self-Leadership coach and IFS trained Practitioner, amongst many other impressive things! We spend time discussing 'Joy-Full AF', they're new book about business strategy and how looking at business through joy and in Self, can change everything. Thank you, Erin, you're one of our absolutely joy-filled favorites!Erin's Website: @drerinbakerGet the book:
Today, Amy and Meghan spend time with Gwen Hurd, LCSW, NCCE, NCPC. Gwen is a Lead Trainer for the IFS Institute. She began her formal training in IFS in the late 1990's and shares with us today her introduction to the model, ways in which she has utilized it to assist through hardships in her own life, and why un-blending and taking time to allow space in our system is so vital. We loved spending time with Gwen for many reasons and hope you enjoy her creative and impactful analogies as much as we did.
Episode 9: Burdens 101

Episode 9: Burdens 101


Let's talk burdens:What are they? What Parts carry them? What types are there?More!
Last week, we published our I.F.S. session and today we debrief about it. Answering some questions about how our systems responded, what a continued follow up session may look like and more!
Episode 7: I.F.S. Session

Episode 7: I.F.S. Session


Meghan and Amy create a formal space to explore today. We hope you enjoy!
Dr. Crawford, Ph.D. and Meghan spend time today discussing some of the most useful and simple skills in I.F.S., un-blending from Parts, and taking the U-turn back into Self energy.
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