DiscoverMedical Medium Podcast038 For Steph: The Untold Story
038 For Steph: The Untold Story

038 For Steph: The Untold Story

Update: 2023-05-05


Her name is Stephanie Tisone and she passed away from Breast Cancer in 2018. A tragic loss that has broken the hearts of the ones that knew her and loved her. There have been rumors of how this tragedy occurred and the influence of Medical Medium. How is it possible Stephanie died from Breast Cancer, especially when Stephanie seemed so healthy, vibrant and involved in the health world and being a Raw Vegan eating nothing but fruits and vegetables? A group of people colluded and brought Stephanie’s story to a mainstream media outlet. But was it the real story? Stephanie was used for click bait and exploited and her name and memory trashed. Was there an agenda that was far from telling the true story and filled with misinformation of what happened to Stephanie Tisone? Get ready to hear the untold Story of Stephanie and the factual evidence of what really happened.
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Elisha Walter

Wow! listened to all 4 episodes. I'm assuming since your last post was in May that you may be tied up in litigation or something. My heart goes out and I must say to everyone involved. the reason I say this is bc only God has the full view. all we have is a map of the terrain which isn't always revealing of the full picture. everyone involved has a perception based on their experience throughout this mess but no one should be telling another the story of another person's involvement. ♥️🙏

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038 For Steph: The Untold Story

038 For Steph: The Untold Story

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