DiscoverOPENHOUSE with Louise Rumball and leading therapists04 - PERFECTIONISM - 99 Problemz & Perfectionism is one!
04 - PERFECTIONISM - 99 Problemz & Perfectionism is one!

04 - PERFECTIONISM - 99 Problemz & Perfectionism is one!

Update: 2020-10-191


Hi friends - Louise here and thrilled to be introducing Episode 4 of our podcast.

In today’s live therapy session Dr Helene and I explore what it means to be a perfectionist. For me, I have never classified myself as one - I always thought that I was too ‘much’ to be a perfectionist. I wasn’t super tidy, nor the perfect homemaker, the perfect partner or the perfect daughter, and I always had so much on my plate, that I never thought this term was right for me.

However, what came out of Episode 3 was that perfectionism has shown up in my life in so many of ways but mainly as a constant and relentless drive and pressure to be more successful, to be in better shape and to achieve more and keep up with those around me. The underlying driver of perfectionism is the feeling that you have to be MORE of something to be more worthy, more lovable or more valuable.

In this episode, we go deeper and explore why this is - how it ties back to my family experience, school and university experiences and early career milestones, as well as how it has mainly shown up in my relationship with my career and my body in adulthood.  We also touch upon my relationship with men and ageing.

In today’s society, we so often are left feeling just not good enough in comparison to those around us and the shiny lives of others on social media - so I love how we are able to run through the impact social media also has on those who have a tendency to feel ‘less than’.

In this episode, we also go through an analogy to understand how to keep your self-esteem stable, as well as considering how your life objectives can either support your self-esteem or sabotage it. These exercises can be completed at home after the episode.

So, this is OPENHOUSE. Our goal is to normalise these conversations so together, we can be happier. Everyone is invited and I’m so glad you turned up.

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Love Louise x

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04 - PERFECTIONISM - 99 Problemz & Perfectionism is one!

04 - PERFECTIONISM - 99 Problemz & Perfectionism is one!

Louise Rumball