DiscoverOPENHOUSE with Louise Rumball and leading therapists06 - THERAPY - How to survive a Christmas Season and Family
06 - THERAPY - How to survive a Christmas Season and Family

06 - THERAPY - How to survive a Christmas Season and Family

Update: 2020-12-07


Welcome to our second live therapy workshop in partnership with FORA London, London’s tailored workspace that provides its residents with spaces to be happy and healthy to deliver their best work.

This workshop - ‘how to manage the uncertainty of a Corona Christmas’ is a pre-record of a live therapy workshop where Louise & clinical psychologist Dr Helene Laurent-Oliver work through a vast variety of topics that often come up in therapy in the winter months, whilst going deeper on specific topics such as the winter blues, seasonal triggers, family boundary setting, loneliness, excess around Christmas, and more. The workshop also discusses management techniques to make this Christmas a little less stressful than those gone before.

The free worksheet for this session is available at

To start the workshop, Dr Helene explores Louise’s historical connection with the winter blues and how her winters previously have been very different to this one. Dr Helene discusses Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), explore whether Louise has ever experienced it, and the two discuss the value of a morning routine and the small daily activities that Louise feels are contributing to her good mental and physical health this year. The two work through a morning routine exercise and Dr Helene also demonstrates a ‘Locus of Control’ exercise to help us better manage anxiety, uncertainty and catastrophising.

Louise & Dr Helene then explore how lockdown has impacted Louise and how she is feeling - connected, disconnected, reliant on others, independent?. They discuss friendships, relationships and how, for many, loneliness is rearing its head. The pair also explore a trigger and boundary setting exercise to help you best manage any familial situation this Christmas when many personalities all come under one route.

To finish the workshop, Louise & Dr Helene explore how the pandemic this year has made many people feel pressurised that they have not yielded any progress or moved forward. The pair go through a positive and compassionate reflection exercise on the year gone by and look towards 2021. This is led by Louise and her own experiences throughout 2020.

Throughout the session, Louise & Dr Helene also take live therapy questions and help viewers at home with any questions that they might have.

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06 - THERAPY - How to survive a Christmas Season and Family

06 - THERAPY - How to survive a Christmas Season and Family

Louise Rumball