DiscoverMedical Medium Podcast040 Alcohol: The Ghost Of Sugar
040 Alcohol: The Ghost Of Sugar

040 Alcohol: The Ghost Of Sugar

Update: 2024-01-25


When anyone says a bad thing about excessive drinking, it’s often related to hurting the liver. That, or it’s related to some form of abuse or irresponsibility, or someone just gets handed to them the infamous phrase “you are an alcoholic,” or, “you need to do something about it. Get your life back on track.”

What people don’t hear is that when we consume alcohol, the alcohol begins killing our brain, starving the brain to death.

Our brain requires glucose, sugar, in order to function, and most people’s brains are already borderline glucose deficient from poor diets, unproductive trendy diets and lifestyles and toxic exposures, along with high stress that drains the brain of precious glucose reserves.

When we drink, alcohol enters our bloodstream and something dastardly happens to our brain: it gets tricked. Our brain sees alcohol as sugar, as glucose, but yet alcohol is not sugar or glucose—it’s the ghost of sugar, it’s what sugar once was. Only the essence of sugar is left, the phantom sugar, but yet our brain absorbs the alcohol as if it’s pure sugar, pure glucose. That’s when symptoms occur that aren’t from the effects of the alcohol, but instead from the effects of the brain starting to starve as it’s feeding off of the alcohol, as if it was real sugar and real glucose, but isn’t.

As the brain is taking in the alcohol, it loses strength and starts to weaken fast, causing slurred speech. As someone is getting intoxicated from drinking and they are getting tipsy and loosening up (which is not a result of how toxic the alcohol is, but a result of how fast the brain goes downhill when being starved from sugar), alcohol overrides the brain’s ability to choose wisely on other sugar sources, especially if those sugar sources have already been utilized. If the bloodstream is void of any easily accessible glucose, our brain becomes even more susceptible to alcohol, and instead what’s left is the alcohol in the bloodstream while we are drinking.

The problem is the alcohol is not real sugar anymore, it’s the ghost of sugar. It’s not what our brain needs to survive—it does the opposite: it starts to kill our brain. Without sugar, our brain dies. The more alcohol we drink, the more brain starvation symptoms occur. Too much alcohol can lead to eventually a combination of the brain starving to death and alcohol poisoning. But these are two very different occurrences, and the combination can make someone’s drinking condition so much worse.

Listen to this new powerful episode—Alcohol: The Ghost of Sugar.

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040 Alcohol: The Ghost Of Sugar

040 Alcohol: The Ghost Of Sugar

Anthony William