DiscoverMedical Medium Podcast041 Food Wars: What Side Are You On?
041 Food Wars: What Side Are You On?

041 Food Wars: What Side Are You On?

Update: 2024-02-01


Food belief systems run deep—they can be passed down from generation to generation. For some families, it can be hundreds of years and the food choices, food habits, food methods, food growing, food making is an entire food culture that becomes the fabric of the family foundation for lifetimes.

In the end, food means everything. Without it, we will not exist.

Recently in our present day history, food and health have collided, along with Social Media, and both food and food belief systems have become weaponized, and science has become the gun.

There are now two sides of the aisle when it comes to food belief systems, and within these two sides, there are many variations, but yet at the same time there are two main belief systems that have been battling each other. Now more than ever before these two main core belief systems have been ruthless in its pursuit to push people into confusion and fear. The two sides of the aisle are the Plant Based Vegan movement and the Animal Protein Based movement. For many, they both are saturated in strong beliefs and conviction, and both will defend itself with any kind of supportive science that’s available, even if that science in itself is lacking supportive evidence.

Food Wars can even be subliminal and not so forth coming, but instead somewhat stealth, and can persuade others that what they are doing for themselves is not as fruitful as they are told or believe. Meanwhile both sides of the aisle have more in common than anyone thinks.

Don’t miss this enlightening episode of the Medical Medium podcast—Food Wars: What Side Are You On?

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041 Food Wars: What Side Are You On?

041 Food Wars: What Side Are You On?

Anthony William