DiscoverDesire on Fire069: The Real Shit You Talk About in Sisterhood
069: The Real Shit You Talk About in Sisterhood

069: The Real Shit You Talk About in Sisterhood

Update: 2023-02-01


We’re doing something we’ve never done on the podcast before! 


We know that real sisterhood is medicine. The vulnerability, the intimacy, the no-BS reflections — this is the stuff that heals, expands, and empowers like nothing else. 


The Inner Circle is a paid membership for women that have been working with us for years: graduates of our Pleasure Mastery Program, retreats, or leadership programs. And each month, we do a real-time Q&A with the biggest things they’re facing.  


And we realized something: there is SO much gold inside these calls. 


These are women who are living from their desires, who are exploring all kinds of new ways of thinking, acting, and being in the world. 


They are IN IT, doing this work with such heart. And witnessing that work in real time can be an incredible teacher for all of us.  


We love our Inner Circle calls so much that we wanted to try sharing them with everyone! So with the permission of the Inner Circle members, we’re trying something new. 


We recorded this call and are offering it to you. It’s basically a free mini-masterclass, filled with the wisdom that only sisterhood can bring. We hope you enjoy it!

Inside the episode you’ll learn:


  • How to handle uncomfortable conversations with people who disagree with you (especially when you crave their approval)
  • Practical tools that can help you let go of spiritual bypassing and work with your rage so that it actually comes in service of your highest good
  • Noticing the difference between and open-hearted boundary and a wall
  • What you can do if you’re experiencing intense PMS symptoms


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069: The Real Shit You Talk About in Sisterhood

069: The Real Shit You Talk About in Sisterhood

Aimee Batuski & Ellie Montgomerie