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1: The Problem

1: The Problem

Update: 2022-10-2025


Corinne Adams watches her son's lessons during Zoom school and discovers a dismaying truth: He can't read. Little Charlie isn't the only one. Sixty-five percent of fourth graders in the United States are not proficient readers. Kids need to learn specific skills to become good readers, and in many schools, those skills are not being taught.

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Callie Hagood

This was my son! We homeschool now are he is reading better now than he was when he was getting special tutoring at school. He's only 8 and loves to read but has struggled ever since kindergarten. This series has opened my eyes!

Feb 7th

Cody Spendlove

I am one of the kids/generation you talk about un this series. God bless my mother who "meda me" sit with her ever afternoon, on that awful avocado green bed spread and "read" to her until I finally "got it". I can still remember the day I realized that the words on the page, told the story of the pictures! They were connected. I am forever grateful to her... and to you for doing such a wondeful presentation of these events. My question is "as opposed to what?" I would like to hear a 7th episode, investigating the alternatives districts had to choose from during the period un question, as far as curriculum goes. It is difficult to produce good curriculum at scale, and still make it profitable. Do we know what materials districts should have been choosing and why they did not? Just courious

Jan 5th
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Elizabeth Stewart

I'm hearing about cops and tazers. can anyone correct this podcast?

Oct 28th


Based on the comments, it looks like this was at one point the correct episode, but at the moment, it's the first episode of a different podcast.

Oct 23rd

little red book

I was taught Whole Word. My mom intervened. She got me in a phonics program outside school and now I love reading. I taught my kids with BOBs books. They were both reading by four.

Oct 20th
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1: The Problem

1: The Problem

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