DiscoverFundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD199. Is all sugar bad for you? High fructose corn syrup vs fruit & honey
199. Is all sugar bad for you? High fructose corn syrup vs fruit & honey

199. Is all sugar bad for you? High fructose corn syrup vs fruit & honey

Update: 2023-01-241


In today’s podcast, Paul talks all about sugar, and why all sugar is not created equally. He talks about the benefits of including carbohydrates in your diet via honey, maple syrup, and fruit, especially if you are a recovering keto or carnivore dieter. He then dives deep on refined sugar, specifically high fructose corn syrup, and why you should avoid those at all costs.

00:09:30 Podcast begins

00:11:37 When is a ketogenic diet helpful and what happens when you reintroduce carbs?

00:15:27 Why you should include carbs in your diet

00:20:47 High fructose corn syrup versus table sugar

00:25:17 Electrolyte issues with keto and carnivore

00:27:13 The problems with keto

00:34:37 What kinds of carbohydrates should we include in our diet?

00:37:37 Can diabetics and obese people eat honey?

00:45:27 The concerns about starches

00:51:17 The dangers of high fructose corn syrup


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199. Is all sugar bad for you? High fructose corn syrup vs fruit & honey

199. Is all sugar bad for you? High fructose corn syrup vs fruit & honey

Paul Saladino, MD