DiscoverBlack Girls Heal#250: How to Feel Deserving
#250: How to Feel Deserving

#250: How to Feel Deserving

Update: 2024-06-25


In this episode of Black Girls Heal, we discuss the crucial topic of feeling deserving and why it's essential for receiving the love you desire. We explore how internalizing negative beliefs and trauma can lead to feeling undeserving, even when we outwardly affirm our worth. 

You'll learn practical steps to identify the emotional 'weeds' that choke your growth, including energy-draining relationships and perfectionist tendencies. Additionally, we discuss the importance of self-love, self-compassion, and clearing stored trauma from your body. 

This episode aims to guide you through the first step of the four-step bloom method to help your relationships flourish, ensuring you are on the path to feeling truly deserving of love and happiness.

In this episode, we cover…

  • 01:03 Understanding deservingness
  • 03:04 Identifying emotional weeds
  • 05:13 Clearing emotional blockages
  • 05:29 Identifying energy drains in your relationships
  • 09:43 How perfectionism plays a role in low self-worth
  • 22:39 Tools for healing
  • 27:24 Why you need to consider bodywork to heal trauma

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#250: How to Feel Deserving

#250: How to Feel Deserving

Shena Lashey