DiscoverThe Greg McKeown Podcast265. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 1)
265. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 1)

265. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 1)

Update: 2024-01-181


Join me as I welcome the remarkable Brian Murphy, the founder and CEO of cybersecurity giant Reliaquest, to share his inspiring story of entrepreneurship. Listen in as Brian takes us back to his formative years, from his blue-collar roots to the pivotal moments that shaped his future. We laugh about his childhood mishaps and marvel at how a mobile library and a curious mind led him to his first business book at the tender age of thirteen. In this episode, we explore the profound influence of a strong work ethic and the benefits of being the youngest sibling. He emphasizes the importance of effective communication, recounting how a college class and techniques like "feel, felt, found" shaped his approach to both business and personal interactions. This conversation highlights the invaluable role of mentorship and the life-altering impact of books, as Brian reflects on how "Rich Dad Poor Dad" transformed his outlook on life.

Our discussion touches on the confidence that comes from knowledge and the power of doing simple things "savagely well." As Brian's journey unfolds, it's clear that success in entrepreneurship is anything but linear. Tune in to learn from Brian's experiences and the principles that have guided him to the pinnacle of the tech industry.

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265. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 1)

265. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 1)

Greg McKeown