DiscoverThe Greg McKeown Podcast267. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 2)
267. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 2)

267. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 2)

Update: 2024-01-251


Join me for a captivating journey with Brian Murphy, the visionary behind ReliaQuest, as we unravel the transformation from a meticulous auditor to a bold IT consulting entrepreneur. Listen in as Brian shares the defining moments and crucial conversations that sparked his leap into the entrepreneurial realm. We explore the essence of foundational business principles and the impact of personal connections in the business world. We also navigate through the stormy period of the Great Recession, where Brian's then-nascent IT firm faced the daunting prospect of disappearing projects and a staggering loss in accounts receivable. Hear about the strategic maneuver towards a government military contract that not only kept the company afloat but also paved the way for their growth into the cybersecurity sector. Brian underscores the courage required to shift strategies, the art of listening beyond what is said, and the framework for effective problem-solving that has been integral to his success. As we reflect on the Innovator's Dilemma and the continuous challenge of adapting to customer needs, I invite you to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and apply these insights to your own pursuits. Let this episode be the catalyst for your own innovation and growth as you think, create, and evolve within your organization.

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267. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 2)

267. Grit and Growth with Brian Murphy (Part 2)

Greg McKeown